EMAAR has entered the race to make an investment of two billion euros in the transformation of the port of Durres. An inter-ministerial working group led by Minister Belinda Balluku paid a visit in Dubai to coordinate with EMAAR, with the aim of making this giant project a reality. Mohammed El Alabbar, the driving force of the success of the AMMAR group explained in an interview for TCH the vision of transforming Durrës into one of the largest tourist ports in the Mediterranean.

“When I talk about Albania and Durrës, I look at it from a global perspective, comparing it with the constructions I have done, such as the port of Dubai and Tanjir, which we are rebuilding. Of course, we make money through our work. On the other hand, with what we will do in Durrës, other companies will see it and will approach Albania with other investments. Following the agreement signed by the two governments, we are moving things fast. The master plan is complete and we are making the final changes. Hopefully we finalize the deal after three months. We are not wasting time waiting for the deal, but we are working on the project and the details. I am optimistic and hope to start work during the summer and really this will be very fast,” said El Alabbar.

Alongside Dubai Marina, the completion of another giant project is underway by the EMAAR company; that of transforming Rashid port into a giant service and housing complex. Architect Grant Blindell says this model of Rashid port will be similar to the one in Durres.

Klara Ruci


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