An agreement has been reached for the establishment of a joint bilateral center with Albania and Greece, aimed at the fight against cross-border  organized crime, where the same center and staff from both sides will operate. It is reported that the meeting to reach an agreement was held in Kakavija. The Greek side said that this is an important step towards the fight against organized crime.

“We are here to prove two things, the first an appreciation for the cooperation against our two police forces and the second to raise this cooperation, evidence for the fight against organized crime and relations between the two countries. This is the first step and it will continue. Success to the police officers who will work together”, said the Deputy Minister of Interior of Albania, Julian Hodaj.

Meanwhile, the Greek Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Elefterios Ikonomu explained in detail how the center will operate. “The center will be operational 24 hours a day, officers from both countries and customs officials will be present. At the top are heads of both parties. The important thing is that the officers of both sides will work in the same place, will exchange secret information, coordinating services for the fight against cross-border and organized crime. Immediate service response will be accelerated. Our clear message is that we work methodically against organized crime, guaranteeing security and peace in the vast majority of our two peoples moving between our two countries. This center is a great opportunity for the realization of the activity even at European level. Greece supports Albania’s European progress. The cooperation between the two police is very good, but the spaces for this cooperation to be better are numerous “, said Ikonomu.

Klara Ruci


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