ITALY – Italian politician Sara Cunial accuses Bill Gates of the Covid-19 case, and urges the Italian government to stop mandatory COVID-19 vaccination amid rumors that it could be used to invade privacy. Recall that Bill Gates and his recent efforts against coronavirus have been at the center of the wildest theories exploring possible bad motives behind the billionaire’s activities. In the most controversial controversy last week, MP Sara Cunial gave a rare speech in which the entire parliament listened. “Hobbes said that absolute power does not arise as an obligation from above but from the choice of frightened individuals who feel more protected by giving up and surrendering their freedom to a third party. People’s brains are being anesthetized through purchased mass media, disinfectants and NLPs, to the point where we can program our emotions; to manipulate our feelings. We have already realized that the single virus does not cause death. Thanks to the laws we are passing, many more will die of misery and poverty. And as in the most successful regimes, the blame will fall on the citizens themselves. Take away our freedom and tell us that we asked for it ourselves, that we are to blame. Most of all our children will suffer, souls raped by the same who are removed as guarantors of their rights. They will be allowed the right to education only against a bracelet to teach and educate them with supervised freedom, in exchange for a tablet and a monopoly, ”she said. Among other things, the politician says that in this difficult situation created by the coronavirus, the main financier of the WHO is “philanthropist” and “savior of the world” Bill Gates.

All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalism whose engine is the conflict of interest. Represented today by the WHO, whose main sponsor is “philanthropist” and “savior of the world” Bill Gates. We all know that already. As early as 2018, Bill Gates prophesied a pandemic and simulated it last October at Event 201 with his Davos friends. He has for years invested in global policy-making and control plans aimed at gaining dominance over agriculture, technology and energy. Gates said: “If we do a good job with vaccines, the health sector and reproduction, we can reduce the world’s population by 10-15 percent.” “Only genocide can depopulate the world.” With his vaccines Gates has managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa so far. It has provoked a polio epidemic that has paralyzed 500,000 children in India. And it continues today with its DTP to cause more deaths than the diseases themselves, as well as with its own sterilizing GMOs that generously donate to hungry populations. He is planning to spread the vaccine against Covid as a means of reprogramming our immune system while closing his multibillion-dollar affair with 5G technology companies in the United States, ”Cunial said.

In cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, it is financing the next generation of doctors by indoctrinating them to give up the free judgment and the Hippocratic oath and to distribute through them the medicines produced for this purpose. In cooperation with governments, it is taking over our health records after setting up European programs such as the Europe ID2020 for electronic identification, which refers precisely to a massive vaccination that would create this digital platform with sensitive data. Italy’s contribution to the fight against coronavirus is 140m euros, of which 120m will be given to the Gavi Alliance, an NGO set up by the Bill Gates Foundation. That’s only a fraction of the 7.4 billion euros raised by the European Commission to find the coronavirus vaccine to be used for what I said above. No cantotherapy canteen, which costs much less. No cantation for preventative measures, real measures related to our lifestyle, food and approach to the environment. Because the real target of what is happening is the TOTAL CONTROL and ABSOLUTE DOMINATION on the human being who thus becomes a slave and a slave by violating their sovereignty and freedom of judgment. This is also happening thanks to our lies as politicians which we disguise with the disgusting name of political compromise. Then, while you here will continue with your plan to activate the Nuremberg code with forced solutions based on fear and intimidation, we and the citizens will be out to build fireplaces of resistance to make it impossible for you to defeat us all. … Dear Prime Minister Conte, next time you receive a call from “philanthropist” Bill Gates, immediately forward it to the International Criminal Court for Crimes against Humanity. If he does not, tell us what to call him: his lawyer friend who receives orders from a criminal? Thank you. Italy has so far recorded at least 224,760 infected and 31,763 victims of Covid-19 since the outbreak of the virus.

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