The Church of St. Thanas in Karavasta is a cultural monument with values ​​in our cultural heritage. The restorations were carried out in this church by Master Mustafa Arapi. “It is considered a miracle church inherited with worship by the locals since the 1700s, declared a cultural monument. It is one of the rare churches in Albania whose frescoes have all been restored giving us a surprising renaissance monument. The Church of Saint Thanas in Karavasta is part of cultural and religious tourism. The frescoes were made by the Çetiri brothers “, writes National Institute of Cultural Heritage.

The project for this restoration five years ago was drafted by the Institute of Cultural Monuments and at that time it was announced that it is worth 12 million ALL. The church of St. Thanas dates back to the second half of the 18th century in 1778. In 1979 the Grabova painters (Çetirët) Gjergj and Joan Katro painted the church with frescoes. The ceiling is made of coniferous wood and decorated with floral motifs and partially carved, mainly in the main rosettes painted with the figure of Christ in the center and the figure of St. Athanasius. Grabova painters Joan and Gjergj have adapted in iconography the themes placed in the Orthodox Church, enriched with stylistic elements influenced by artistic developments on Mount Athos, previously used by their teachers Konstandin and Athanas Zografi. Their original theme in the church of St. Thanas in Karavasta is represented by Old Testament scenes. In the quarter of the concave dome of the apse is painted the Virgin Mary.


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