Today was the start of works for the construction of the regional hospital of Fier. State power company OSHE has set up several electricity poles which will bring power to the construction site as the Turkish company YDA will work in three shifts.

Top Channel has learned that the first Turkish engineers will arrive tomorrow to build internal infrastructure.

Residents of Fier have welcomed the construction of this hospital as a donation from the Turkish government.

Not only me but I believe that all people here in Fier are happy because the hospital comes to our door, it is for our health. It shortened our time to come to Tirana.

People have asked for this hospital and this is where it came from, says one resident.

The Turkish government has entrusted the construction of this hospital to YDA company, which in the past has been involved in the design, implementation and completion of several hospitals in Turkey.

In the construction of the Fier hospital 30 of the work force will be Albanians. Fier Regional Hospital will implement similar management practices as those in Turkey.

The hospital, as an addition to the city of Fier will also serve the population in the south of the country.

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