Whether they tell white lies or not, everyone understands the truth. Experts reveal the things men are most likely to lie about and why.


One study found that men tended to lie about their height, saying they were taller than they actually were.

Their feelings

Some experts say that men may have a particularly complicated relationship with vulnerability due to the cultural emphasis on the “power” of men. Even when they are bad, they say they are good.

Bed performance

Men will never admit that they are probably not that good in bed. Their mistakes Men are often worried about losing the respect around them. They want you to like, impress and appreciate them. And they are worried that the truth may lead you to reject them. Their fantasies They will never accept secret thoughts and desires about their partner. Mental condition Another reason why it can be difficult for people to recognize or admit that they are depressed is that their symptoms may be different from what was expected. Past connections They never want to talk about past experiences because they are afraid it will affect the current one. wrath Men are afraid that they have no ‘right’ to be angry about certain things. Or that their anger is their problem and they don’t want to bother their partner with it. They tell this lie because they are afraid of judgment, that there will be a conflict. The fact that they need you They usually do not accept it because it seems to them that they are out of the nature of the “strong”. Income Men will always “exaggerate” them, to create a different impression.


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