In 2020 exports underwent a decrease of 9% compared to 2019, reflecting the consequences given by the pandemic to companies that have sales contracts abroad, mainly in Italy, the region and other EU countries. In total, exports in 2020 were ALL 203.2 billion. The contraction was very strong in the March-May period, which coincides with quarantine across Europe. In March the decline was -36.2, in April -44% and in May -22.7%. While in the first two months, before the onset of the pandemic, the trend had been positive (+ 6.3%)

All groups, with the exception of “food, beverages and tobacco” marked a strong contractionary trend, stronger for “textiles and footwear”, which is the main group exported to the country. After May, the pace of decline slowed, while in November and December, exports returned to the positive trend, led by “machinery and spare parts”, “building materials and metals” and food. In December, exports increased by 5.4%, after expanding by 10% in November. Textiles and footwear suffered the heaviest blow, shrinking 13.4%. Shoes “Textiles and footwear”which are the main group exported to the country were hit hardest by the pandemic. This group closed the year with a contraction of 13.4%, down to ALL 102.3 billion. The share of this group in total exports was 38%, from 39% in the previous year. Textile and footwear exports have impacted 60% of the total decline for 2020.

Klara Ruci


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