The only thing that will not be opened in Albania in the future, with an indefinite deadline, is public transport.

This is what Prime Minister Edi Rama said today in a connection with News24, emphasizing that it is a big problem for pandemics.

“Everything will be opened, we will manage as well as possible, but without the people and the contributing people it is impossible, the gyms and others will be selected in the following, within May, we will see by the end of this week how many figures there will be and we will open the land borders. , with Kosovo and other land borders that we have ”.

Asked about the confusion created by the schedule for restaurants and bars in all areas, Rama specified:

“I’m sorry, but if it is not understood, I don’t know in what language it should be said, until 9 o’clock it is free to move without authorization in the red areas and the restaurants and restaurants can definitely stay open in other areas beyond 9 o’clock. , both in the red areas and for a few days they will be until 9 o’clock and then the schedule will be extended ”.


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