We all have an inner desire, which seeks answers to the most fundamental questions that man raises today. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going, and what is our purpose? In most cases, the myths are clearly metaphorical, and at times inconceivable. Other myths can be found in different societies, which are far from each other, where the similarities in the narratives are so obvious that they suggest a common historical basis.

In the seventeenth century, Archbishop Asher claimed that the world began to exist in 4004 BC, and that it would exist for another 6,000 years until the final battle with the Antichrist, leading to a 1000-year reign of the saints, and then with the end of the world.

Nostradamus used this chronology, claiming that 1999 would be the last beginning of the world. The Maya thought that time had a seasonal or cyclical rhythm, while the Celts believed that it walked at different rates in different environments. This kind of understanding is also supported by modern cosmology.

However, the English astronomer Fred Hoyle claimed that the idea of ​​time as an ever-moving stream is “a grotesque and absurd illusion,” stating that everything has been and always will be. According to him, the sense of past, present and future is just an illusion.

The night sky is a portrait “painted” by myths. We all know our stellar “signs”, which consist of 12 zodiac stars. But few know that the 12 symbols are only a fraction of the 88 constellations identified. The oldest surviving data from astronomy / astrology (at the time) were those of the Chaldeans, who observed the sky at night, searching for signs and evidence of their fate for more than 2,000 years. before the Romans. Modernity has not ended the mythical identification with celestial bodies, and this will probably never happen.

What we know from myths and legends is that curses are cast upon mankind by Gods or priests and sorcerers, or by one wicked person over another. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” The most famous curse is found in the Bible, where the serpent is cursed by God for tempting Eve, followed by the curse on Adam and Eve, and led to the doctrine of man’s fall. But in most Eastern beliefs, the curse represents our inability to see through illusion. Today it is said that a curse works only if the victim believes in it.

Supernatural beings
Belief in supernatural beings is ancient. When demons want to hurt us, it is the angels who offer us protection, guidance, and religious penetration. The names of the main archangels are known to both Muslims and Christians. People have seen everywhere human beings with shining wings.

In Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, some young shepherds met a beautiful young woman who claimed to be from Paradise. Subsequent visions led to a crowd of about 70,000 witnessing the sunrise on Earth. Today, the event is commonly known as the “Miracle of the Sun.”

There were many cures after that event. Scientists have attributed this event to collective hysteria. But another more controversial theory claims that these events (as well as those in ancient times) were in fact close contacts with aliens.

Deadly gods
Examples of Gods who die and then return to life are more often found in the religions of the Middle East, and the practices inspired by them include biblical and Greco-Roman myths, and later Christianity. Gods who die in the Middle East are usually resurrected or restored by their wives or sisters. It has been hypothesized that religion fills a gap, and that

we humans created it to help us feel more secure in a world that seems to offer us more questions than answers.

Flood Myths
Stories about the myth of a global flood are found all over the world. They agree on one point: that the whole world was once flooded, and that the few survivors built floating vessels after being warned by God (or the Gods). The best-known story is the Bible account of Noah. From Deucalion and Pyrrha in Greek mythology, to Prague in Hinduism and Belgermir in Northern Mythology, it is now widely believed that the Global Flood was not a myth, but a true historical event.

Megalithic myths
There are usually two types of myths: myths of the mysterious and supernatural powers of builders, and secondly myths about the mystical or magical properties of stones. Great Britain and Egypt are the main places where such sites are located. But they can be found all over the world.

Being associated with healing, fertility, giants and the Devil, they had a renewed interest in the introduction of science.

It was discovered that these stones had once functioned as giant calendars, with sec

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