The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Decentralization Administration publish the statistics of emigrant investors and the table is undoubtedly a good surprise for Albanians. The dynamics of the Albanian community in Greece, growing steadily in recent years, is an indisputable fact.The figures speak for themselves, the Albanian labor force invests in social security, tax revenues, the younger generation in a high percentage of graduates and highly qualified, all the data prove that the community gradually does not just break stereotypes, but gains ground even in the most incredible.

Recent statistics are among the most indicative factors. Thus, in the category of 5-year residence permits, the so-called Golden Visa, with real estate investment of 250,000 euros for 2019, Albanian citizens are ranked after China. Whereas, for the year of the pandemic 2020 are ranked first.

“Really, who could have imagined this in Greece in the 90s?” This is one of the most used comments on social networks today, by Greek authorities, lawyers and immigration activists. The category of 5-year residence permit for investment provides a really easy and fast procedure, as long as the decision and the permit are issued within 2 months from the application. Specifically, Albanians are not required to have a Category D Visa, as they travel freely for 3 months in Schengen. The application is made by the investor or legal representative, the investment must be in a house, land, hotel or real estate, the same residence permit is provided to family members, while the rights they have are access as locals in the field of health and education and renovation of the permit for another 5 years, if they still dispose of the purchased property.

Klara Ruci


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