Five years ago, Harrison Ford was involved in a plane crash. The passionate pilot was driving an old World War II plane when his engine suddenly went out, and the actor crashed into a golf course. He made peace with just a few scratches.

A year earlier, in the shooting of the movie “Star Wars”, he broke one of his legs in 2 places, during an accident on the spaceship “Millennium Falcon”. Another time, with his plane he saved 2 excursionists. However, he does not admit that he is a hero or a brave man:

“Doctor, I’m not a brave man. I’ve never faced situations where I had to show special or heroic skills, like the ones people see in movies. For example, I did not save a woman from a fire, endangering my life.

His words run counter to the idea that the public has created for him, in half a century of cinematic career. Today, 77 years old, with a life lived through a kind of divine grace, the actor seems to have the courage to unite his most famous Indiana Jones characters, Han Solo, Rick Deckard in “Blade Runner”, Dr. Kimble in ” Escape ”etc.

Even John Thornton, his latest role, an adaptation of American writer Jack London’s famous novel The Call of the Forest, which is expected to begin shooting soon, is the image of the perfect hero: brave, big-hearted, tortured from the past, but right.

Thornton is a gold digger with a painful past, who strengthens his friendship with the dog Buck, the classic protagonist of American literature, in which the environmental issue he addresses is in complete harmony with time.

Harrison Ford, why is this story still important?

For the life we ​​are currently living, for the social and political context in which we are immersed, for what we are causing to the environment. For all these reasons, this film is still very important today.

You have always fought to protect the environment…

I have always fought in defense of nature, on which human health depends. It is up to us humans not to make it completely hostile to us.

We humans are the bad guys in this movie?

We are destroying what keeps us alive, and that has given us all the opportunities we have had so far. Nature does not need us, we are the ones who need it. Therefore, I think the most important human mission today is to roll up our sleeves and solve the problems we have caused ourselves.

And how is this achieved?

First of all believing in science. I grieve when I see how science today is despised, only to maintain the status quo of those in power, and who want things to remain as they are. It’s a difficult moment, but things will change.

Politics has an important role to play in this mission. Who would you want to challenge Trump in the November presidential election?

I’m not telling you that. But what is certain is that I would like a candidate capable of defeating him.

At the moment, there is not much clarity among Democrats.

No, but all good things are complicated at first. In the end, a strong challenger will emerge, so it should happen.

Let’s talk about the movie. In the 53 years of your career and 83 feature films, it’s the first time you’ve starred in a completely digital character, the dog Buck qen

There is always a first time, and compared to real dogs there is an advantage, he does not defecate on the carpet. Beyond the joke, this is a story that warms the heart, and that speaks to some unwavering characters in their ideals, virtuous, and with the ability to overcome any kind of obstacle.

Are you talking about yourself or the Buck dog, spoiled and upset until the moment he is kidnapped to be a slit dog in the era of the fierce gold search race?

For both. My character, John Thornton, has a duty to represent humanity in the eyes of the Buck dog. He manages to overcome his own difficulties, thanks to his relationship with this animal. The history of London was written 100 years ago, and yet it never goes out of style, it has never disappeared from the shelves of bookstores. And that has a reason.

What would London think of the film if it were between us?

I don’t know, Jack London was a complicated character. A difficult character. I think he was devastated by more than one problem in his life. So I don’t know what he would think of the film, but I know that his accountant would have been happy.

Do you like dogs?

Slander him! I’m kidding, I have three dogs currently. In my life, dogs have always been present, and unfortunately they have always slept in my bed.

In your life you had another friend with 4 paws, Chewbacca of “Star Wars”…

Chewie is a wonderful character, loved and admired by generations, and played by a wonderful person, Peter Mayhew, who has unfortunately passed away. I miss you.

Do you feel nostalgic for Star Wars?

I am not nostalgic in nature. I tend to always look ahead.

The fifth series of “Indiana Jones” is also planned. Can you tell us something?

Nothing will die, just as it did with Han Solo.

Is there a concrete date for the start of filming?

Not yet, it’s a complicated movie, but we’re very close to starting filming.

You have been making movies since the 1960s, how has the environment changed?

Not much has changed. It’s always a mix of business, fun and emotional experiences. There have always been very talented people. The names change, but it’s always the same. However I am not qualified to talk about this. I don’t deal with the system that runs the cinema, I just work and that’s it.

What intellectual heritage would you like to leave behind?

I am not interested in inheritance. My value as a human being, will or will not be expressed through my children.

Do you have anything left professionally hostage?

No. I am a very lucky man. I have had more than one life. Thanks to my work, I have been able to get into the heads of many characters, and from each of them I have learned a lot. I’ve learned the sensitivity, what it’s like to feel under another’s skin. I appreciated the collaborative context of my work, the energy, the imagination.

You’ve never had the pleasure of winning an Oscar…

I am not the only one in this regard, and this has been influenced by the choices I have made. But there are choices I would make today. My job as an actor, consists in giving the maximum, to contribute to the success of a film, and in some cases I have succeeded. I’m so happy. The films I have made have allowed me to live my life freely, and to face it calmly. And I will do so again.

What makes you happy besides cinema?

Airplanes, they are my passion. I am a pilot, and I like to help and represent the Air Force, the aviator community. I’m enthusiastic and I really like being the “face” of this passion. I like to pass it on to others.

Do you still work with wood objects?

Yes, that was another passion of mine, but I don’t have time. I do not do it anymore.

Are you looking for new challenges?

For me, even waking up in the morning is a challenge. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Beyond the joke, for me they are not challenges, but opportunities. If you see them as challenges, you set barriers around yourself, and then you run the risk of failing. Opportunities do not betray you. / Sette –

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