The Serious Crimes Court has ordered the arrest of the deputy director of prisons and four businessmen involved in a corrupt affair with prisoners’ food tenders.

The suspects were arrested yesterday after a decision by the Serious Crimes Court, which accepted the prosecution’s request for their detention.

According to a press release of the General Prosecutor’s Office, arrested are Deputy Director General of Prisons Iljaz Labi and businessmen Elidjan Laskaj, Ylber Kalaja, Shemsi Sinani and Nexhmi Balla.

Businessmen in co-operation with each other had received tender tenders from the General Directorate of Prison Eggs and dairy farms worth 226 million ALL through the agreement between them. For this tender they would pay 20 million ALL to the deputy director Labi, who would create facilities in the tender procedures.

During investigations initiated after referral by the State Police, the Serious Crimes Prosecution intercepted several conversations among suspects concluding that they were part of the corrupt affair. In one of the conversations, the deputy director asks businessman Shemsi Sinani to go to her that day, otherwise she would not go anymore.

“If you did not come here, do not go, I do not love you, but you are still here,” says among other things the Deputy Director of Prisons, businessman Sinani, who was not officially the winner of the tender but would deal with the supply food and would benefit the money from the tender.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the administrators of the companies “Dogel”, “Vllaznia”, “MBKurti” and “Nelsa”, respectively, Elidjan Laskaj, Ylber Kalaja, Shemsi Sinani and Nexhmi Balla made agreements to fictitious competition in tenders developed by the Directorate General of Prisons, for the supply of food.

The investigation revealed that the administrators met each other and agreed to tender, exchanging information and compiling the procurement documents in such a way that one of them would win, according to the conversations they did.

The administrators of these companies previously determined which of them would win the winner in one procurement or in each lot of procurement. Societies, which agreed to compile documentation for not winning, benefited by entering into formal and informal contracts with winning societies and operating in the capacity of subcontractor with one of the winning societies.

According to the investigation, the company administrators have cooperated with each other for the purpose of obtaining fictitious procurement with the object “Purchase of dairies and eggs”, which has a contract date of 31.5.2016 and with a total contract value of 22.647.936.

“For the realization of the purpose, all four suspects have talked to jointly pay at least a sum of 2 million new leks to the Deputy General Director of Prisons, Iljaz Labi, in order for the latter to create facilities necessary during the procurement procedure, “the General Prosecution said.

According to the interviews and investigations in the field, it results that Deputy Director Iljaz Labi has held contacts and held regular meetings with the persons under investigation, Ylber Kalaja and Shemsi Sinani, requesting from them the benefit of the procurement procedure dated 31.5.2016 why the contractor is the subject “Nelsa”, with administrator citizen Nexhmi Balla.

“From his actions, the clear knowledge of the procurement procedure fictitiously emerges. Its functional task is part of the relevant chain since the beginning of the procurement procedure and up to the conclusion of the contract, “says the prosecution, which claims that are under investigation other procurement procedures conducted by the General Directorate of Prisons , where beneficiaries are the same persons.


Iljaz Labi, with the post of Deputy Director General of Prisons

Elidjan Laskaj, administrator of “Dogel”

Ylber Kalaja, administrator of “Vllaznia”

Shemsi Sinani, administrator of “M.B.Kurti”

Nexhmi Balla, administrator of the company “Nelsa”

Businessmen conversations: Meet him the most dumb smil of SMS

First interception 6 days prior to the conclusion of the contract:

On 25.05.2016 at 10.22.06, citizen Iljaz Labin, Deputy Director General of Prisons, communicates with Shemsi Sinani, one of the arrested businessmen.

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