In the 19 days of January, over 80 road accidents were registered where 13 people lost their lives. The latest case was recorded today in Shkodra, where a 68 year old man was killed after being hit by a vehicle while traveling on his motorcycle.

The causes for this are factors such as wrong overtaking maneuvers, high speed, alcohol use while driving, but also the difficulties created in circulation during the winter season.

Road safety expert Artur Sulçe tells Top Channel that drivers should be prepared for rainy weather but also look out for frost the country’s roads.

He adds that drivers and the traffic police must show responsibility, as must do road maintenance entities, in order to prevent accidents. “There are roads that have problems, they have their black spots and in this aspect no measures have been taken. The road owner entities also have their duties, to clarify the road signs “.

For Artur Sulçe, the undisciplined traffic in Tirana and Albania is a cause for road accidents. This makes drivers more aggressive, as they cannot reach their destinations making maneuvers that fall short of traffic rules and regulations.

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