Five ambulances are slowly approaching a hospital in Managui, Nicaragua. The rotation lights weren’t on, nor were the sirens – nothing was heard.

They enter the hospital yard one after the other with great calm. Immediately after them, the guard closes the doors, but after many minutes they open again to get these cars out. The same convoy leaves for another roundabout through the dark-covered streets.

So they spend the night wandering the streets of the city to the hospital – until the sun rises where no one sees or hears them. It is believed that they transport patients from coronavirus. Meanwhile, in the same way, the cars of the companies that perform funeral services – where their drivers are seen wearing special protective clothes – approach the hospital doors with great calm.

They are removing coronavirus victims from hospitals, for whom authorities in Nicaragua are closing their eyes and are constantly stating that COVID-19 poses no danger. Unlike other Central American leaders, President Daniel Ortega is convinced that COVID-19 pandemic is simply a very weak virus.

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