A letter has been hung on the wall of the Shkodra prefecture where Beqir Shabani writes that he is protesting against the government, but also against Lul Basha and Sal Berisha who left the country in the hands of Enver’s comrades. As for Rama, he says he lives as long as a Sane mule. Full letter I protest against this bastard regime, I will protest every day against this mercenary government of Europe here (Gjergj Fishta). I also protest against the manicure opposition, O people, wake up, or you will wait for Rama to tell you that you have not seen anything yet. I protest, I protest against the American ambassador who tells us about the freedoms of the world and comes with learned Albanian. People, the communists have taken power with rifles.

O today o never with you return the waste democratically. They are also giving us children. I protest against Lul Basha who shows us the red line, the line became a canopy (rope). I protest against all “free” media. I protest with regret against the artists, petitioners, whom we have seen and followed with nostalgia and we have never shared those that have values. I protest against Sali Berisha who left us fishermen, these communists, Enver’s friends, long live the mallet where it is.

May Rama live as long as a mullah.

I protest.

Romania to take the blame, ah sorry I’m not in Tirana.

Not my fault, unfortunately Tirana is in Tirana.

Beqir Shabani



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