TIRANA, May 15/ATA/- From the coast to culture and cuisine, foreign and domestic visitors have dozens of reasons to visit Lezha this tourist season.

Mayor of Lezha Pjerin Ndreu said during an interview for the Albanian Telegraphic Agency said that Lezha is ready to welcome visitors in the new tourist season. He said that the city of Lezha offers everything, from the coast, to the wonderful landscape of hills and mountains, continuing with the rich cultural heritage and cuisine enjoyed not only by local tourists, but from around the world.

“Tour operators are ready, everyone is getting ready, just as the municipality is working in terms of public work, so operators are taking care of their premises. This tourist season should start as soon as possible. This is the problem. The point is that we do not have to leave the movement in urban centers with high population density and we no longer allow this density in the sea where there is salt, there is iodine, there is sun and where the probability of the spread of the virus is lower. We must dare in this regard. The same should be done for the opening of the border with Kosovo. In Shengjin, 60% of tourists are from Kosovo. Kosovo Albanians occupy a large share in the tourism sector of Lezha “, – said Ndreu for ATA.

“Lezha is a very dynamic area. Even in terms of beach diversity, beach areas, the Rana e Hedhun is a gem area. Shëngjini, part of Lagoon, part of Tale… etc. Each of these parts has its own story, a different beach structure, a different accommodation structure … etc. Let’s not forget that Lezha is a combination that nature has given it perfectly; there are seas, there are lagoons, there are fields, there are hills, there are mountains, there are rivers, there are historical objects, there are castles, there are old churches, there is Fishta’s house , Fishta area. There is Skanderbeg’s grave. There’s an extraordinary combination of values, there’s a fantastic culinary above all. Lezha is already famous not only in Albania, but also beyond the border, all over the world with its cuisine, where to enjoy it come from all districts of Albania and from all over the world “, – said Ndreu.

“For visitors inside Lezha, they can visit the Skanderbeg burial ground, a historical site that was qualified 2 years ago and has become very attractive. There is an ethnographic museum that is extremely special. There is the castle of Lezha that is already known. There are the surrounding buildings, the Balldren church, which has the fresco of the last dinner of Jesus Christ, which, according to the date, happens to be before Da Vinci painted it in that church and this makes the church very interesting, arousing the curiosity of many tourists. I had a church in Kallmet, a church in Pllana and many other attractions for historical tourism”, – said Ndreu for ATA.

Regarding safety norms, Ndreu said, “We are waiting for the protocol. We will act according to the protocol and we cannot invent the rules. If they were to ask me, the chaise longue system should exist, as they provide a distance of 1 meter. If we leave the beaches without sunbeds, the necessary distance between the citizens may be not ensured and there is a premise for chaos “, – said Ndreu during the interview for ATA. /j.p/p.s./

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