A structured criminal group that illegally sent people to the United States has completed the proceedings of 26 people.

In total, 26 persons were prosecuted, of which 16 were arrested at the request of Spak, 8 are in compulsory appearance and 2 persons are being investigated at large.

The arrest of these people came after an investigation launched in 2018 in cooperation with the investigation office at the US Embassy, ​​which was finalized this Monday and has been extended to several districts. These individuals in collaboration with each other have forged documents and visas by sending dozens of people to the US.

Sources suggest that employees of Rinas Airport were also involved in this criminal group. It is also learned that these persons, after providing ‘clients’ against payments, removed these citizens from Albania with a regular procedure, and then used forged documents at major airports across Europe.

The persons forged visas and identification documents for the purpose of trafficking in the United States, Canada or EU countries. Meanwhile, the beneficiaries of this scheme used as border crossing and other border points besides Rinas

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