The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, in a communication with the media said that the Albanian government has so far secured anti-COVID vaccines to 800,000 citizens through a direct contract with Pfizer and the COVAX mechanism.

Over 10 thousand first doses will be provided within January, according to the contract we have with Pfizer, then we will continue according to the set calendar. Meanwhile next week, we expect an announcement from COVAX about the time of arrival of the first doses. The Albanian government has so far provided the anticovid vaccine for about 800 thousand citizens (1.6 million doses) through a direct contract with the company Pfizer and through the COVAX mechanism, while we are in other negotiations to have even more quantities of the vaccine “, said Manastirliu. Speaking about the anti-COVID vaccination, the Minister of Health said that it has gone well and so far 369 medical personnel have been vaccinated. “The vaccination process is going on normally. So far 369 health personnel of COVID hospitals, epidemiologists have been vaccinated and after the vaccination of the staff , there will be a combined calendar with the elderly of care homes and then the combined vaccination for the elderly +75 years and so on with all groups as defined in our vaccination plan “, underlined Manasirliu.

Klara Ruci


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