President Ilir Meta in a statement to the media spoke about the government’s decision to transfer the ownership of the National Theater to the municipality of Tirana.

The president announced that he has filed a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court to overturn the decision.

The transfer of the National Theater ownership to the Tirana Municipality is an unconstitutional act. I submitted to the CC a lawsuit for the abrogation of the decision.

“The demolition of the National Theater building is a political decision by which Albanians risk losing public property. The Municipality of Tirana cannot own the National Theater. The Constitutional Court is the only institution that can express itself on such issue.

“I demand that in a democratic order, the state preserve the assets that embody our cultural heritage. The national theater has established its memory which makes it a worthy representative of the national heritage. If the Theater is demolished before the decision of the CC, there will be irreparable consequences “, said Meta.

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