Now that the reopening of the site and the easing of measures have begun, citizens are interested in the return of public transport.

Rixhin Qoshja, head of the National Association of Urban Transport, says that some adjustments are being made based on European models of how passenger transport will be done with no more than 25% of the bus capacity.

“We are making some adaptations based on the models that have been made in Europe to understand the capacity of the passengers that we can transport.

We are still waiting for the final protocol. With the new rules that we will apply, no more than 25% of the citizens can drive in a vehicle while maintaining the safety distance.

For us as operators, it is a problem as long as we do not have financial support, as with 25% of the capacity it is impossible “, stressed Qoshja.

With the reopening of urban transport, passengers must wear masks and gloves. “While the bus is closed, the conditions that are used today indoors will be the same. With regard to the Fatorino, this is a problem because we cannot respect the safety distance with the Fatorino. This remains to be resolved by the relevant authorities, “he said.

But is there any hope that citizens will be able to use urban transport from the beginning of June?

“I think yes, we will start work, all this time that has passed is now a lot. We should have started even sooner. Pristina started last week. So we should definitely start again. But we need to understand the financial scheme of how we will function and definitely the safety conditions in public transport “, he said.

According to the National Association of Urban Transport, the possibility is being considered that in urban areas during this period there will be no invoices and an alternative way will be found for this. On the other hand, Prime Minister Rama announced that by the end of this week the exact date will be set when and how the urban and inter-city transport will work.

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