The head of the Infectious Diseases Service at QSUT, professor Najada Çomo stated today that the situation from coronavirus pandemic in Albania is stable. But according to her, there are serious cases in the hospital and asked for the cooperation of citizens.

We have to be realistic that there are people hospitalized in the infectious disease hospital who are in poor health and given that we have had two deaths in a few days, it shows the continuation of the severity of the disease, regardless of the fact that the figure is below 20. But this figure may decrease or increase in the following days the number of sick people. Since I have been working with these people for 3 months, I would say that the measures taken and the part of maintaining distancing are very important elements to maintain the low numbers of patients hospitalized in the infectious service and to make it possible to avoid mortality “, said Çomo at the meeting of the Technical Committee of Experts.

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