Well-known doctor Pigeon Pipero gives an important message on the day of Eid al-Fitr, regarding the unusual situation created by the coronavirus.

Pipero writes on Facebook that the sun and air help a lot not to get sick with COVID-19, as they increase immunity, even if someone is infected, it passes the disease more easily.

‘The virus is still circulating, the battle is still going on! Dozens of times I have emphasized that the virus does not stay in the air in open spaces, so I encouraged and professionally explained why we should be determined for the opening which should have been gradual until now ‘, the doctor emphasizes.

Pipero’s statement contradicts what the government is doing, which is keeping beaches and parks closed.

Doctor Pëllumb Pipero’s full message:

Remembrance for Mr. Erion Kristo; from Doctor Pipero! I just heard a call from Mr. Erion Kristo ‘get out of my head’ after a question about who heals, the sun and the air or Pipero, and the very right answer of the citizens ‘the sun and the air’, not Pipero! True, Pipero and his colleagues in white T-shirts are healing, not healing.

Healing is interaction God, organism, doctor! While dozens of times I have pointed out that the sun and air help a lot not to get sick from Civid 19, as they increase immunity, even if we become infected we pass the disease very easily! I have emphasized dozens of times that the virus is not transmitted through water, so the sea and sand are recommended, vacations and tourism are encouraged.

From now on, just be careful! As a doctor and public health professional, I have understood every decision of the institutions in respect of social distancing, moreover in a host of often contradictory information about Covid 19, and even more so in a series of WHO guidelines often unclear, unfounded. , and contradictory as well.

Maybe I have tired the citizens by listening to me every night, maybe I have repeated myself often, but I have been and am directly with the citizens! I hope I haven’t become the ‘father of boredom’.

I bow to their understanding and patience, and now that we are at the end of this epidemic, I ask you again for a little care, nothing more! While I encourage the committee of experts to be more confident in the recommendation for full opening, the epidemiological situation in our country and the region enables us to do so.

Not one day but an hour before the others open we will have many more benefits. Not only economic but above all psychological and health! I emphasized the need to track the cases through intelligent investigation and the application of PCR, the ‘buffer’ for the most clinical cases, and to plan a seroprevalence study to see the degree of exposure built into the strategy to cope with a possible relapse at the end of the year. , which I believe a little, but I can’t rule it out, along with the ongoing serological analysis.

This way we can successfully control the epidemic. Together as before we will win the battle with Covid 19! For Mr. Erion I believe I was clear and correct!

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