A structured group of professional thieves has been operating for several months
in the Elbasan Region, stealing big businesses in city centers.

During this threshold, professional thieves have broken into a supermarket and a very important market in the number 1 neighborhood of the city of Librazhd.

The theft of these businesses was carried out at an incredible speed.

The gang of thieves has been extremely organized in breaking the doors of businesses and stealing valuables that were in them.

The perfect way to commit theft has shocked the owners of these businesses and the police.

The thieves managed to coordinate the actions perfectly and with great speed.

In less than 3 minutes, the group of thieves managed to open the doors of a supermarket and a market without being afraid of the alarm signal and the numerous security cameras installed in these businesses.

After receiving the goods from the businesses, they loaded them in vehicles and left in the direction of Elbasan.

It is previously reported that the theft was committed by four masked persons, who left together with the stolen goods with two vehicles.

It is suspected that the gang of thieves was armed and that the vehicles used by them had fake license plates.

Meanwhile, reliable sources said that the theft caused damage to these two businesses by several thousand euros.

Police have documented the event and are working to identify and apprehend the thieves of these businesses.

A few months ago, several other sensational thefts were registered in Librazhd, including the theft of a jewelry store for the third time.

The latest case has alarmed business owners in Librazhd, who, although with alarm systems and security cameras, feel challenged by the recent danger posed by such a well-organized band of thieves who are said to have increased their criminal activity vigorously in Elbasan Region since the beginning of this year.

For its part, the local police have not provided details about the recent thefts in Librazhd’s businesses and it is still unclear how far the activity of this gang of such dangerous thieves may have spread.

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