In the press conference today, Rama said that in the coming years the government intends that every business relationship with the government, with the consumer and between businesses will be online. Rama stated that compared to past years, it is a clearly different situation and it is a situation where the future can be clearly seen adding that according to the labor register figures in the Republic of Albania in 2013 there were over 475 thousand registered, at the end of 2019 over 698 thousand.

“Businesses feel relieved compared to 7 years ago. Small business zero tax. There is no way not to feel relieved. But there is no way they can feel happy and satisfied when at the same time they have to face the arbitrariness of the tax administration. Our work means the final removal of the abusive element from direct human control and within the next 4 years everything will be online for the business. All that chain of problems create space for informality. We will completely fiscalize the relationship “, said Rama.

Klara Ruci


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