The premises of the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office are expected to be made available to the Special Prosecution Office for Investigation of Corruption and Organized Crime SPAK.

From an investigation being made to the files in order to find out how many of them will go to the SPAK, it is estimated that 1500 criminal proceedings are under investigation by Serious Crimes prosecutors, of which 900 are estate investigations.

The figure comes as preparations are being made by law-bound institutions, while one group is analyzing all files in all prosecutions.

Until October 31, according to an unofficial source, it has been left to district prosecutors to prepare a report on how many of these files will go through districts in the SPAK, in which the most important are all types of corruption. . But the same will happen with serious crimes that will declare incompetence and delegate to districts investigations into fines, terrorism and domestic crime.

The Republican Guard is selecting those who will be the bodyguards of SPAK prosecutors, while the government has opened the wallet and allocated 1.2m euros to the Special Prosecution. However the SPAK, which is hoped to investigate high-level corruption, has so far eight names of prosecutors and the minimum threshold should be ten. Four others await vetting as one of them was fired.

The Prosecutorial Council has often announced deadlines for the establishment of the SPAK during this year and most recently left November as the deadline. On the other hand, the Americans continue to insist and support, and in meetings with other institutions, the word SPAK is the subject.

The United States of America supports the work of the new justice institutions, and the same support will be given to the SPAK, the special anti-corruption and organized crime structure. After establishing all institutions through their cooperation, Albanian citizens will have real access to justice

Expect Vetting:

Anton Martini

Elizabeth Ymeraj

Doloreza Musabelliu

Anita Jella

Have passed the vetting:

1.Altin Dumani

2.Arben Kraja

3. Enkelejda Millonai

4.Klodian Braho

5.Edvin Kondili

6.Ened Nakuci

7.Elida Kackini

8.Behar Dibra

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