Reform in the water and wastewater sector will continue throughout the three years 2021-2023. According to the program of economic reforms for these 3 years drafted by the Albanian government, several dimensions of impact of this reform are foreseen, such as the implementation of the principle the consumer pays; providing a better climate for tourism; law enforcement, reducing informality; providing citizens with the service they do deserve; supporting health, safety and social responsibility through governance; supporting financial stability and efficiency; supporting environmental protection.

Among the main activities envisaged by the government for the up coming 3 year period for the water sector are the continuous evaluation and optimization of performance contracts; Law on Water Supply and Urban Wastewater Services; water supply projects for coastal areas ; establishing and implementing a national testing and certification program in the water sector; indicators and criteria, included in the performance contract, for service providers in the sector of water supply and sewerage, etc.

While this reform has its costs in the budget and according to the economic reform program for this 3 year period the costs are still being calculated but with an approximate example water supply in coastal areas is estimated at about 60 million Euros – Water supply – 80 million Euros etc.

This reform is also expected to have social impacts, such as employment, poverty reduction, gender equality and access to health care, etc.
Water reform since its begining has managed to secure some results such as 39,000 new contracts signed, 80,000 new meters installed and 22 million Euros of revenue generated.

Kalra Ruci


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