TIRANA, May 17 /ATA/  – Leading neurologist Fatos Jaho said Sunday that a protest against demolition of the National Theatre building in Tirana is not about preserving cultural values, let alone the democracy, but it is about certain individuals who are seeking to assume a role of protagonists.

“I feel sorry seeing the demolition of the National Theatre building as I have grown up with that part and piece of Tirana and I remember sitting in those seats to enjoy the play of brilliant actors. However, that building had to be demolished. The images show how easily the building collapsed. Its demolition has nothing to do with the violation of the cultural and historic heritage values and has nothing to do with violation of democracy,” Jaho said.

According to him, the main problem is a group of individuals, many of them anonymous and in a crisis of identity who are desperately seeking to assume a protagonist role.

“A small part of them are unable to control their emotional equilibrium, as their nostalgia is stronger than their feeling for the future, and that makes them simply anti-conformist to almost everything. But what takes this “movement” out of the game is politics. They rushed to take advantage of the situation as soon as possible, finding a cause that would give them the energy and motivation they lack,” Jaho added.

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