Rudina Dembacaj has shown that she has not had any great sympathy for Viola Spiro.

The latter has worked on RTV Ora, with two shows “Euro Skaner” and “Ora Skaner”, but is already part of Klan Plus.

This week on her show “Don’t talk to the driver”, Rudina Dembacaj had invited the well-known moderator Albana Bejko, who also spoke about her experience in sports journalism.

During the conversation, Rudina expressed her satisfaction that Bejko presents the sports show, and made a comparison with Viola Spiro.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Rudina Dembacaj: How did the proposal for the show Ora Sport come to RTV Ora?

Albana Bejko: This show has been one of the most important figures in sports in the past, Gerti Çarçani, Enkelejda Zeko, Blendi Tafaj with Viola Spiro and it happened that for this season the TV executives were looking for a new face.

Rudina Dembacaj: I like it much more than Viola Spiro. It’s personal, you know what I mean.

Albana goes on to say that the project was entrusted to the television executives and she certainly could not refuse an opportunity like this because it was her aspiration to get a program in primetime.

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