Rudina Hajdari of the parliamentary opposition, spoke today with harsh accusations in the parliament session, saying that despite the fact that “sticks are being put under the wheels”, she will never become part of the bargains in the Parliament.

In this Parliament, no laws are made for the people, the taxes of the citizens are made for bargaining. Politicians have each ‘a tough one’ backing them, a drug trafficker who keeps them afloat, there are even those oppositionists who want a piece of that.

“I will not become part of the opposition that wants ‘chunks’. I was told before that ‘this is how politics are done Rudina’. But no, politics is about giving hope, it’s different. Let’s complete this mission, we must change the electoral system.
“Let’s have here in this hall people who represent the citizen, not the businessman. I don’t become part of bargains, I will be who I am even though I will have a lot of sticks under the wheels, a lot of people will fight me. Citizens will look at me and understand that my name is Rudina Azem Hajdari, I will carry his will to the end!”

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