Gëzim Dapi, 45 years old, born in Tirana, is an environmental engineer by profession. At first he was afraid that his story would be published: “They will take you for granted, even when I tell them this story, they don’t believe me.”

What happened to him one summer night in August more than two decades ago was also published in the newspaper “Voice of Youth” at that time, but it passed without much fuss. The developments and events of the ’90s overshadowed it as an event…

“In the summer of 1990, I performed compulsory military service in the village of Bardhaj in Shkodra. My military unit was air defense. We were all quite instructed to know the types of aircraft day and night, as well as the ward had the means of combat technique that distinguish aircraft at close and far distances. On the night of August 1, I was at the scene.

Sometime around 02.30 in the morning, a host of lights (100-150) set with a strange regularity, let’s say like the shape of a diamond and with a size somewhere around 20 meters appeared in the sky with great speed and with a very little noise, so much so that it can make a flock of birds. It was neither a plane nor any other flying vehicle we knew, moreover it had a very high speed and a little noise. ”

Gëzim reported the strange event to the central battalion operator at the time. There he learned that he was not alone. “Like me, 5 other soldiers in different anti-aircraft units that were on duty at that time reported it. The next day, our superiors asked us for a long time, but in no other city or radar in Albania had we identified the soldiers we saw with our own eyes. It was not given much importance then because it was just after the opening of the embassies and the topics of the day were other things. Two months later, this event was published by the newspaper “Zeri i Rinisë” of that time, but not in detail. ”

Since then, engineer Gëzim’s view of unidentifiable flying objects has changed. “At that time there was not much information about UFOs, I just saw some documentaries on RAI. But now I believe 100% and often at night I see that maybe I see something similar again. What happened to me first opened my mind to their existence. Now he follows every kind of documentary or film where topics on UFOs are treated.

Extraterrestrials on Mount Tomor? UFO is an abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Object, which in Albanian means Unidentified Flying Object. The term includes any flying object that scientists have failed to identify.

Joy is not the only thing. Përparim Zaimi, once the captain of the naval voyage, has created deep convictions about their existence. He has been conducting scientific research since 1999, where he has systematized various testimonies.

Zaimi completed his higher studies in Navigation and graduated in Vlora as a Navigator for the Merchant Navy. He studied Mechanical Engineering and then Philosophy. He has held senior positions in the state administration for a long time as director of administrative institutions, designer and ministerial adviser.

His study in the field of ufology has covered a time interval of at least 15 years, among which several expeditions have been undertaken. Zaimi says his work is not based on any belief system:

“There is repeated evidence, especially for the area of ​​Mount Tomor, where pilgrimage has been going on for a long time. I think that area no longer stands on the borders of legends and hypotheses ”

Mihal Grameno’s Diary, 1907 / Not everyone knows, but the first documentation for UFOs in Albania remains Mihal Grameno’s diary. He was a prominent publicist, writer and activist of the patriotic and democratic movement, People’s Hero. During the years 1907-1908 he fought alongside Çerçiz Topulli’s gang.

In his book The Albanian Uprising, war memoirs about Çerçiz Topulli’s gang, Grameno brings back his memories of the long and difficult journeys of Çerçiz’s comrades mountain by mountain.

“One night as the Circassian warriors had raised a high mountain on top of a mountain, it flew in front of us in a magnificent object that hung in the air for a few minutes and then exploded,” Grameno wrote.

The planes at that time were in the early stages, so it is unlikely that they were. Neither the meteor nor the comet could have been, as it is known that they do not hang in the air but fall immediately. So it remains a UFO (unidentified flying object).

Albania is also mentioned in an early American report. The July 18, 1947 report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation states: “Discs have been observed in Mexico City, New Orleans, Halifax, Newfoundland, Paris, Milan, Bologna, Yugoslavia, and also in Albania.”

Below are some of the reports on unidentifiable objects in Albanian territory:

Kallamishtëz, Tepelena, January 1963 – In January 1963, residents of the village of Kallamishtëz in the Kurvelesh area confessed that they saw a bright object in the sky. Authorities reassured the population that what they had seen was a new model jet used by the Albanian Air Force.

Cërrik, Elbasan, 12 July 1993 – It was 20:00 when a lighted flying object appeared in the sky of Cërrik. The object made frequent and sudden movements. The news spread rapidly in the city and there were many eyewitnesses, including local police. The object disappeared from the sky around 22:00 (always according to eyewitness accounts).

Roskovec, 4 May 2006 – Three eyewitnesses believe an adult woman and two children saw an unidentified object touching the ground. Three black circles photographed the day after the “landing” were their testimony. A woman named Sherife Kola said the object plunged into darkness the area where it stopped and coincided with a very cold air current. The children say that the petals of some roses were burned when they were placed on the trail left by the object.

Fier, March 6, 2007 – On the evening of Tuesday, March 6, 2007, coast guard Admir Jemishaj in service together with his commander testified that around 19:15 they had seen an object over the Seman coastal area in Fier. According to the testimony, for 20 minutes the object remained unmoved in space. The guards said he had a gleaming glow, changing the colors and shape of the disc, while they looked at him with free eyes and binoculars. “It stood on the horizon with the sea at a height of one mile. The colors changed from time to time, from green to blue and red. For a few minutes it was only red or blue. It was scary, but very beautiful “, – Jemishaj told the media.

Elbasan, 24 December 2008 – Four hunters from Elbasan showed that they were confronted with a disk on Thursday evening before Christmas in 2008 around 20.30, about 30 kilometers away from the city of Elbasan. The four hunters have left for the village of Vidhas in the municipality of Papri, on the border with the district of Peqin. At the exit of the center of the municipality, about 7 kilometers away from it, they have taken a forest road. After walking about 15 kilometers, they were surprised when the cabin of their off-road vehicle was overturned from above and the engine was turned off. “We were struck by a bright blue light and a vertical red light. For a moment, it seemed to me that the police cars were following us from behind “, says Muharrem Kaçuli, one of the four hunters. According to him, the 25-year-old boy who was with them, had wanted to shoot in pairs in the direction of the shining object, but his father had not allowed it.

Vlora, July 21, 2009 – An unidentifiable object was seen in the early hours of the morning, in Vlora on July 21, 2009, in the area after Karaburun, in a place called Dafina Bay, a quiet and unpopulated area. This object was seen by some fishermen who testified that it had the shape of a satellite, about 3 meters in diameter. “We were pulling fishing nets, a moment passed over our heads, a large object lasted only 5 seconds and immediately disappeared quickly. The color was gray to white “, – explained Shpëtim Alushaj, one of the fishermen.

Tirana, August 2010 – At midnight on August 6-7, in the Youth Park in the capital, passers-by filmed with amateur cameras three lights moving in the sky. The light game was proven on YouTube very quickly. “At that moment I didn’t think long and I enjoyed those two minutes. All three objects were spherical orange and were detached. At first they seemed close to us and as they came they got up. One stayed a little longer, the other two disappeared quickly, “said Rezmie Lulo, a bystander.

Do these objects really exist? The question of whether we are alone in the universe is increasingly being denied. According to Stanton Friedman, a professor of nuclear physics, who has worked for decades with the most famous space missions, “extraterrestrials exist and visit us often.”

Friedman believes that “the truth about UFOs will be revealed very soon.”

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