The Chinese Institute of Virology in the city where the covid 19 first appeared has had three live laurel viruses at night, but none of them match what is causing chaos around the world, says the institute’s director.

Scientists believe that covid 19, which first appeared in Wuhan and took the lives of 340,000 people worldwide, originated in the night bat and may have been transmitted to humans through another animal. But the director of the virology institute in Wuhan told Chinese state broadcaster CGTN that the claims of US President Donald Trump and others that the virus may have come from there are pure fabrications.

“We have isolated and secured some coronaviruses from the night sky. Now we have three live viruses. But their greatest resemblance to sars cov 2 goes up to 79.8 percent.

One of the institute’s research teams has been researching coronaviruses in night bats since 2004 and has been focusing on tracing the source of the sarsi, the virus behind another epidemic about two decades ago.

We know that the entire genome of sars cov 2 is only 80 percent similar to that of sars and this is a noticeable difference. Therefore, previous research has not paid attention to viruses that are less similar to the Sars virus.

Conspiracy theories that the lab is involved in pandemics have been circulating online for months, even before Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo openly supported the thesis, claiming there was evidence that the pathogen had left the institute. The lab said it took the then unknown virus samples on December 30 and determined the genome on January 2, forwarding all information to the WHO on January 11.

But before taking the champions in December, the director says the virus had not encountered, searched for or even kept the virus. According to the WHO, Washington has provided no evidence to support its speculative claims.

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