Çiljeta Xhilaga is one of the most beloved singers for the Albanian public. Çiljeta’s songs have become hits, but her beauty has also been commented on over the years. Already a 35-year-old mother of a boy named Fernando, her life seems to have taken a different turn.

Invited to “Invitation to 5” with Bieta Sulon, Çiljeta revealed the relationship she has with her son. She says that she treats him like a friend and they discuss various things. A discussion between them, the singer revealed to the followers of “Invitation to 5”. She said she often advises Fernando to find a beautiful partner, just like her. But the little boy’s reaction is epic, “there’s no way Fernando tells me,” Chiljeta revealed.

“I could hardly wait for him to grow up and be our friend and now I have him as my friend. He is very loving, gets up from the playstation while he is playing and comes and kisses me. I often tell her to find a bride and find a more beautiful bride than her mother used to be, and the one who says with the utmost seriousness has no chance “, says Çiljeta.

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