Hope was the only thing given to the two parents whose daughter was suffering from a brain tumor. The child’s blood type also, very rarely, further complicated the situation.

These poor parents wanted the child to meet with the Pope to receive his blessing, and thanks to the help of an FBI agent, Donny Asper, a close family friend, this wish came true.

During a visit by the Pope to Philadelphia, the agent who was on duty with the security guards that day called his friends to go straight to town and follow his instructions, which the couple did naturally.

There were so many people there, hoping to receive a personal blessing.

The child’s parents also hoped that all that crowd would not make little Gianna’s condition worse. But they were there and they were happy to be there.

The moment when the little girl’s father saw that the Pope was approaching exactly where they were, he raised little Gianna in the air, hoping to attract the Pope’s attention, ShkodraNews writes. A security guard saw the child and took him to bring him closer to the Pope.

In the crowd of thousands of people, Gianna received a kiss from the Pope on her little head and his blessing.

The memory of that blessed day accompanied the family in the days that followed, and life resumed its usual rhythm between medical check-ups and daily life.

Two months after meeting with the Pope, something surprising happened.

During an ultrasound scan, doctors saw that the tumor mass in little Gianna had been greatly reduced.

This means being able to have much more than some hope for recovery!

Was the Pope’s kiss a miracle or was it just a coincidence? The Misciantonio family has no doubt:

“It was a miracle, that kiss was God’s work, we are sure of that!”

In this picture we see the Pope when he kisses Gianna: A really exciting moment…

We don’t know if it’s a miracle or a simple coincidence. Cases like these need to be lived and interpreted according to our faith and feelings. But everyone is certainly happy that the child is better and we wish the best for her future.

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