Snowfall ceased, but in the north and southeast of the country temperatures were quite low overnight causing frosts. In Korça Region, the thermometer marked minus 11 degrees Celsius. The condition of national roads is reported to be good and all axes are open. Snow chains are needed only in certain parts of the roads towards Boboshtica and Dardha. The Municipality of Korça says that it is working to open rural roads. An Albanian Road Authority states that drivers should be careful due to frost on the road.


📌Information on the condition of national axes. Rainfall has ceased 🌤 Temperatures are very low in the north and southeast of the country. Contractors have made the proper salt distribution to eliminate frosts. Circulation carries on normally on all national axes. ⚠️Drivers should be careful especially at night and in the early hours of the morning due to frost on the road, reduce speed and respect the signs ⛔️🚷

Klara Ruci


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