A very wealthy man was invited to a TV studio and was asked by the journalist: “What is the thing that has made you happiest in your life?”

The rich man thought for a moment and said:

I have experienced several stages in my life and it took me a long time to realize true happiness. I managed to own a lot of wealth, but I could not find the happiness I needed. I started buying expensive items and luxuries, but I realized that their effect was temporary and faded quickly. I got involved in big projects like buying a soccer team, luxury resorts and many more, but again I couldn’t find the happiness I needed.

This story went on for years until one day, a friend of mine asked me to contribute to buy wheelchairs for some children with disabilities. I immediately accepted and donated the chairs, but my friend insisted that I go in person and present the gifts to the children themselves. And so I did, I went and distributed them.

On their faces I saw a great joy, I saw how they began to move in every direction with the wheelchairs, smiling and happy as if they were playing in a playground. One of the children grabbed me by the leg and did not leave. I tried to pull his leg away from his hand slowly because I couldn’t stand this painful scene. But he grabbed me even harder and did not remove his hand as he raised his head and stared at my face hard.

Very touched, I bent down and asked him: Do you want anything else from me son? his request was very shocking, but from that request I learned the true meaning of happiness and changed my life fourfold when he told me: “I want to fix the features of your face in my mind, that when I meet you in paradise I will I thank you once more before my Lord! ”

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