Kreshnik Bulica is a young man who lives in Italy and unfortunately lost his friend Clyde Ternic in a motorcycle accident.
Clyde had been the father of a baby boy named Bryan for two weeks, and according to his friend, he was a lively person who loved life, adrenaline and was happy to be around anyone.

As a final salute to the late friend, Kreshnik wants everyone to have the opportunity to help the young man’s small family, no matter how little, and a bank account has been set up on behalf of Kreshnik Bulica to raise revenue. will pass to the deceased’s wife for little Bryan only 2 weeks.

Kreshnik Bulica dedication to the 30-year-old:

You loved the asphalt when it ‘spun’ after you, the twists, the wheels, the brake noise, the smell of the noisy engine at night.
You loved life, people, everyone who has known you has a memory or a joke that connects you.
The goal of your life was to make every day memorable for yourself and for anyone around you.

Death is one of the most painful and unexplained phenomena.
But a person never dies if who stays and always remembers.
Clyde Ternic left very early, only 30 years old.

Bryan’s father had been there for two weeks.
It happened in a car accident.

In order for deaths to never be cold numbers…
In order for who remains to take life back jetën

In order for someone who is no longer smiling again, he is everywhere…
In order that which gives meaning to life may also give death…

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