Picturesque views came today from one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in north Albania.

The area of ​​Thethi is covered by snow,bringing magical views of the glittering white. But unfortunately these views can only be enjoyed by the locals who have remained isolated as the road to the area is blocked.

The thickness of the snow is up to 2 meters in some parts.

The road to Thethi remains blocked, although a vehicle of the army forces has tried to remove the snow, but again it is still at least 3 km to Qafa e Thores.

Thus the inhabitants of Thethi need at least 5 hours of walking between the snow and ice to reach Boge, which is as far as vehicles can go.

The area is populated by tourists in summer, but in winter it closes its doors due to the level of snow and the lack of a passable road for visitors.

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