By Mary Shehu

This is a new week that is characterized by the new moon in the pleasant and communicative sign of Gemini that will change our mood.

I will show creative inspiration and a talent Our social relationships will open up and bring a new breath
Freedom and relaxation

A new page will open in our lives that we must follow

Communication will be very important

This new moon will also be supported by Saturn in Aquarius
The difficulty in the new moon in Gemini is brought by Mars on Pisces
It overwhelms us emotionally. It makes us unbearably utopian but also romantic and sensitive

The new moon will influence new plans and the possibility of different ways to solve it wisely. Beware of inner anger and nervous outbursts.

The new moon in Gemini will give you new opportunities in sentimental and economic life You will make new acquaintances and openings much better and more pleasant

The new moon in your life will be a new beginning in many aspects in your personal life and in your goals You will have a change with more good news

A new moon in the house of your dreams or your most secret desires means that you still do not have the spiritual opportunity to face a new opening.

Your life will be more diverse with the new moon in Gemini New goals new friends and acquaintances as well as new loves begin to fill your life Beware of expenses and health

New Moon in Gemini promotes you in terms of career and work But antagonistic people with you will do anything to ruin this moment Care in the couple’s relationship will be confrontation and jealousy

New travel and work news related to the law or your schooling and qualification But there is also the possibility of getting to know someone who lives far away

Issues of an economic liberation and a new opportunity to calm your soul from fatigue and obligations in many economic and erotic aspects

The new moon in front of your sign will be very good for new collaborations and new beginnings in an existing relationship but that is starting to improve

The days for you to start are more pleasant with more work and more meetings and interesting outings Personal life becomes more enjoyable Just beware of a friend who doesn’t love you very much

Love will be your destiny and your right in this period. Also, your creative talents and abilities will now explode like never before.

Mars in your Sign will try to attack and suspect anything new that enters your life or that may show you a new way

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