This quarantine/ stay home has really treated us well. Brady lost his job, it was a blessing In disguise. We spend more time together than ever before. One of our favorite ways to pass the time is hang out by the water. We have definitely upped our quarantine style during this time of social distancing as well!! Give me a Simple Sarong and I will live in it allllll day. I can swim, run up to the house to do chores all while wearing my buttoned Simple Sarong and I’m ready to jump back into the water when my work is done. It’s so so soft and It buttons up and stays secure so I can get things done! There is nothing more frustrating when swimming than a bathing suit cover up that won’t stay on! The only downside is I ordered one child size and all 3 of the girls are fighting over it. Ever make that mistake? Too many kids and not enough to go around. No sharing happening here😂

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