Today, the Ministry of Health has confirmed only one case of coronavirus which is registered in Tirana, and in total goes to 949 the number of people affected.

According to the ministry, 15 other patients have recovered and the number of active people goes to 176, mainly in Tirana, Durres, Kruja, Shkodra.


Dr. Adela Vasili
Public Health Institution
We would like to inform you about the data of the last 24 hours of the COVID 19 situation in Albania.

The occurrence of sporadic cases continues in the country, while the epidemiological situation is stable. Timely taking measures, observing physical distance, maintaining personal hygiene have the main role in the appearance of a mild epidemic curve.

During the last 24 hours we have confirmed only 1 positive case in Tirana, out of 177 tests performed to suspect Covid19.
15 citizens are recovering.
At the Infectious Diseases Hospital, the condition has been stable for days with 15 patients hospitalized and only 3 of them in intensive care.
For more than two weeks we have fortunately had no loss of life.
To date, about 13,000 tests have been performed and 949 citizens across the country have tested positive for COVID-19. Of these, about 78% are cured.
Currently in our country there are 176 active persons with COVID19, mainly in Tirana, Durrës Krujë, Shkodër.

Although the situation is controlled, citizens themselves must be careful, respecting physical distance, maintaining personal hygiene, avoiding visits to relatives.
Citizens should not neglect the signs of Covid-19 disease, but call the unique number of the National Emergency 127, while for any questions or concerns the Ministry of Health has made available the green line 0800-40-40

COVID-19 – Statistics (19 May 2020)
Total tests 12899
Positive cases 949
Cured cases 742
Active Case 176
Loss of life 31 (Tirana Region 18, Durrës 6, Fier 3, Vlora 1, Shkodër 2, Kukës 1)

The geographical distribution of active cases is as follows:
Tirana 68
Kruja 35
Durrës 31
Shkodër 14
Kamza 10
Berat 10
Fier 4
Elbasan 2
Mirditë 1
Korça 1

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