The head of the urban transport association, Rixhin Qosja, said that there is still no fixed date for the resumption of urban transport, but added that it is being discussed in recent days.

The guest was invited to the show “Ditë e Re”, Qosja said that there will be no increase in ticket prices, while explaining how to travel, with new measures.

According to him, in a public transport vehicle will not be able to circulate more than 25 or 30 people at a time.

Excerpts from the interview:

Arjola Shehu: Is there a plan that has come out when the transport will open?

Rixhin Qosja: No concrete, the Municipality of Tirana in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure are in contact to find these latest modalities, for the security protocol, for the mode of operation, the financial scheme that this service will work because it is very important and I hope it ends as soon as possible.

I don’t know the exact date at the moment, but it has been discussed for the last few days.

Rixhin Qosja: We have tried to adapt those security protocols that Europe and Kosovo have done. More than 25 or 30 people will not be able to travel in one public transport at the same time.

Arjola Shehu: What is the maximum capacity?

Rixhin Qosja: In an urban vehicle that is 12 meters long, 100 passengers are sitting and standing, while now it is thought to be reduced to 25-30.

Arjola Shehu: Will this be translated into a price increase or will the cost continue to be the same?

Rixhin Qosja: The only thing we did not ask for is the price increase. Because even if the price increases, it will not be able to compensate for the loss that we will generate if we go to work as normal.

Because transporting 30% of capacity means losing every day. So we looked for some other ways to make this service survive.

Arjola Shehu: What are these ways?

Rixhin Qosja: We ask for financial support from both the Municipality of Tirana and the government so that we can survive this situation. We are not talking about profits, but we must survive in order to provide the service and moreover for our staff who are 1500 people in Tirana who are unemployed

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