Journalist Arjan Çani and actor Artan Imami held a heated debate between them last night, where personal insults were also present.
Invited to the show “Open” on Top Channel, they have debated the issue of the demolition of the National Theater.

The debate started when the Imam told Çani that he had labeled him a salesman, which caused the start of replies and insults


Imam: You said on your show that whoever comes out in favor of demolition is sold.
Shame on you.

Chani: I didn’t say that.
Don’t be offended.
I did not offend you.

Imam: You said it on your show.

Chani: Don’t make me say what Rama told you.

Imam: What did he tell me?

Çani: Rama told you to coordinate your thoughts before you speak.

Imam: I also have a lot of Rama.

Chani: Who told you that?

Imam: I’m not telling you.

Chani: Ahaaaha. You are afraid to say it.

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